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          Mobile field camp
          Mobile field camp is a necessary facility of oil drilling and exploration and workover sites and is the place in which operators work, live and store devices. Mobile field camp of Tianyi has the features of advanced performance, complete functions, reasonable structures and convenient transportation. It has living rooms, offices, tool rooms, instrument rooms, boiler rooms, power rooms, wellhead duty houses, electric control rooms and laboratories. And it has been widely applied in oil and gas projects of PetroChina, SinoPec, CNOOC Limited, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Sudan, Iran, Algeria, Niger and Chad.

          Main features:
          ●Combined mobile field camp is connected easily with good sealing property. The bottom roller and track are touched closely which can move in a straight line. Its outer end is equipped with a latch mechanism which is very safe.
          ●Steel frame is used as its outer wall. Corrugated sheets are used as its upright boards which can improve its structural strength and increase the lifetime of the camp.
          ●Its inside is insulated with double layers which are convenient, beautiful and fire prevented.
          ●Electrical circuits are designed invisibly which lasts the lifetime of the cable, improves its safety and makes in-door tidy.
          ●Security doors and windows with built-in locks are used. They are reliable and have good security.
          ●The camp is equipped with hooks which are convenient for elevating, moving and transporting.

          技術參數:Technical parameters:

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